Beautiful in Spanish

The description of someone as beautiful will probably never tire your loved one, but you can find other ways to express yourself and expand your communication horizons. It provides you with creative options for expressing your admiration for beauty by learning the words for beautiful in various languages.

Depending on your preference, you can use “hermoso” to say beautiful for (masculine) or “hermosa” to say beautiful for (feminine). Besides these two options, you have a few more. It is common to use “precioso” for (masculine) or “preciosa” for (feminine) when describing valuable objects.

Beautiful in Spanish: Hermosa (feminine) , Hermosa (masculine)

The word “bello” can also refer to an item, such as a piece of art, a landscape, or a general state of someone, place, or thing. Observe these examples:

Words for Beautiful in Spanish

Below are the words used for beautiful in Spanish in different ways.


hermoso (beautiful, handsome, lovely, good, fair, goodly)

precioso (beautiful, charming, precious, nice, dreamy, dinky)

bello (beautiful, gorgeous, handsome, lovely, beauteous)

bonito (good, beautiful, pretty, beauteous, lustrous)

lindo (cute, sweet, beautiful, attractive, comely, bonny)

magnífico (magnificent, marvelous, grand, impressive, superb, beautiful)

guapo (handsome, beautiful, pretty, charming, comely, good-looking)


las la belleza (beautiful)

el lo bello (beautiful)

You will be able to praise someone or something more effectively if you learn Spanish words for beautiful. Positive adjectives are used to describe people or the weather, so having lots of them available will allow you to heap on the compliments. We all love compliments. Aside from that, you will also be able to woo someone by learning words for “beautiful.”.

These Spanish words for “beautiful” can be useful when picking up ladies and applying Spanish words for romance. Many people, even those who don’t speak Spanish, are impressed by Spanish, so knowing a few keywords can ensure you’ll win over whatever your interests are.

Finally, learning how to describe beauty in Spanish will provide you with vivid descriptors for any situation. Starting with Spanish adjectives is a good start, but as you learn more advanced terms, your vocabulary will grow.

These are not all the different ways of saying beautiful in every language. Various languages and dialects around the world use the word beautiful in many different ways, including several widely spoken languages. We cannot list every language spoken worldwide because there are hundreds. In some of these languages, additional words or phrases also mean beautiful. You can find even more options by using a foreign language dictionary.

When We Use the Word Beautiful?

Beautiful: a single word with countless meanings around the world.

  • In our conversations with our significant others, we use this phrase to tell them they are beautiful inside and out.
  • When looking at the beauty around us, we say it as well.
  • It is a phrase we use when looking at flowers.
  • We can sometimes take a look at something or someone with such sincere admiration that they know we appreciate them without even saying a word.

Whatever language you use to describe a word, its power is undeniable. Having a better understanding of the word beautiful in different languages will make it even more meaningful. It is the perfect way to tell your sweetie how much you love her, or just because you love them every day. Also, you can say “beautiful” to your children, mother, or best friend.

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