9 Best AI Essay Writers for Students

best ai essay writer

Essay Writing has always been one of the most challenging tasks for students around the globe. Simply because it requires a lot of thorough processing, outlining, researching, and, of course, writing. That’s why, only 50% of the students think they are capable of essay writing.

Besides that, out of all the content students are expected to write, 50% of that happens to be essays only. But, with today’s tools and AI’s advancement in the world of writing, students don’t have to work as hard as they had to a few years ago.

That’s because AI has become a key contributor to writing, and one prime example is the variety of essay writers available today. So, which essay writers are the best for students in 2024? What makes them special and what sort of features do they offer? Let’s dive right into it and find out.

1. EditPad’s Essay Writer

Essay Writer offered by Editpad is one of the top tools used by students, and there are plenty of reasons behind that. This Essay Writer has many great options and provides a lot of leniency when generating content for students/writers.

Unlike traditional chatbots or AI-based essay writers, EditPad’s Essay Writer focuses on known rules, tones, and other key elements in essay writing. This is apparent throughout the tool’s UI design: 

As you can notice, the tool offers quite a few remarkable features. Perhaps the most highlighting feature is the essay type/tone and essay length. Other than that, the total set of features offered by this tool include:

  • Essay length selector, i.e., short, medium, long, and extensive.
  • Paid features like adding references and bypassing AI detection.
  • And essay content tone/type.

The feature set on this tool can easily be used, but the paid tools, i.e., adding references and bypassing AI are only available in the paid/pro version: 

But despite that, when you prompt the tool to generate an essay from scratch, here’s what it would look like:

And when the tool is done writing an essay based on your prompt, here’s what you get: 

Since we picked the “short” option, the essay is around 400 words, and that’s basically the standard length of a short essay in most academic settings. Other than that, the tool also allows the ability to leverage EditPad’s other tools directly to check plagiarism, paraphrase, or summarize the text.

This proves that the tool doesn’t only provide sufficient means to create/write essays, but also options to make the most of other tools on the website. Thus, it’s an ideal choice for students who need a one-stop solution to write essays and get things done quickly.


  • Free to use
  • Various tones on offer
  • Generates in various lengths
  • Natural and human-like text


  • Natural and human-like text
  • Ads in the free version

2. EduWriter.AI

EduWriter.ai is another famous tool among writers, and it offers quite a few intriguing features. Allowing users to enter the topic they want and then generate text based on it, this essay writer also eases things by categorizing specific elements.

And though may not be on the same level as EditPad’s writer for some students, it still offers quite a few intriguing options:

As seen above, the tool’s feature allows students to generate an essay with the help of a few key options, such as:

  • The number of pages/words to be generated.
  • Writing essays based on the subject area.
  • Ability to comprehend detailed paper instructions.
  • And generating content easily.

However, the main problem that some students might find is that it doesn’t generate text for free after 550 words/2 pages. After that, the premium features behind a paywall get in your way.


  • Intriguing Options
  • Separate topic and Instructions/ Prompt bar
  • Subject Area selection


  • Limited in Free Version
  • Expensive Premium version

3. Textero.AI

Textero.ai is another popular tool among students who wish to write essays quickly and efficiently. This tool has all the necessary features to generate essay content, and it offers an easy way to do so. However, this is one of the tools that require a sign-up—free or paid. 

The tool requires the writer/student to provide the language, topic, description, pages, and sources that they need. And while the source option is only available in the paid edition, it’s still quite convenient for students who are in a hurry.


  • Easy to Use
  • In-built source type (MLA, APA, etc.)
  • Offers Various Languages


  • Free Version requires Sign-up
  • Most Features are Premium/Paid

4. MyEssayWriter.ai

MyEssayWriter.ai is another tool that offers quite a few AI-based programs within it. And one of them happens to be an AI Essay Writer. It has quite a few options, but it’s stuck behind a paywall, so only a few students might be able to afford it.

It also offers a limited free version, but it can only write the initial parts of the essay, so the student might have to edit and finish it on their own. Other than that, the paid version of this tool is quite detailed, with various options.


  • Categorized essay generation
  • High-quality descriptive essays
  • Ability to understand detailed prompts


  • Very limited free version
  • Only the paid version works properly

5. Essay-Builder.ai

Essay-Builder.ai is another remarkable website, which allows users limited free use. However, the premium version might be one of the best among paid tools like this. It has quite a few intriguing features, and extensive use of AI happens to be one of them. 

Besides the common abilities of tools like this, such as word count and essay tone, it also offers the ability to select citation format, academic level, and essay type as well, i.e., argumentative, narrative, etc.


  • Detailed essay generation
  • Customization options
  • Detailed and high-quality essays


  • Quite expensive
  • Very limited free use

6. Jenni.ai

Jenni.ai AI Essay Writer is another good option and one that might be suited for users who are looking for an editor too. The formatting and other key options in this tool make it a simple yet effective essay generator. 

And while it may lack the general benefits of previous tools, such as tones and details, it can still write effective short and medium-length essays. However, a big drawback would be its limited free use, as the tool offers only a few features for the paid version.


  • Simple and effective generation
  • Uses advanced GPT 3.5 model
  • Extensive free use


  • Not enough features
  • paid version doesn’t offer alluring features

7. EssayGenius.ai

EssayGenius.ai is a simple tool that also works based on the prompts provided by the user. It only allows users to provide the topic, and then do the rest on its own as it includes information from credible online sources. 

Now, the lack of options before the generative AI takes over could be a problem for many users, particularly those who want extensive customization. However, those looking to save time and write essays can benefit from it.


  • Quick generation
  • Write long essays for free
  • Quite detailed


  • Lack of citations
  • No descriptive options

8. ChatGPT

ChatGPT may not need an introduction anymore, as it’s the premier chatbot that many people use around the globe. Now, it can be used as an essay writer, but you would have to be very careful and thorough with your prompts.

Or you could generate various sections and parts of your essay to reduce the general workload. This is how a lot of students use it and have made it the go-to option to write content for their essays.


  • Unlimited free use
  • Descriptive content without delay
  • Easy to use


  • Requires detailed prompts
  • Generates similar content to others

9. Microsoft Copilot/Bing AI

Microsoft Copilot is an intriguing new addition to Windows 11, but it has been around and known as Bing AI for over a year now. Copilot is also not an exclusive essay generator, but it does offer qualities that could help you generate some.

Now, Copilot AI is also a chatbot like ChatGPT, and it’s capable of generating unique content. but once again, you will have to do a lot of manuals prompting you to get an essay out of it.


  • Free with Windows 11/Bing
  • Unique generated content
  • Offers detailed or concise responses


  • No exclusive essay generation
  • Could take a while to write an essay


These are some of the best AI tools and essay writers that students can use in 2024. All of these tools have features and options that can help students write essays from scratch or assist them in writing unique text. Therefore, it comes down to the student’s preferences and the type of essays they wish to generate.

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