Best Programming Languages to Learn

best programming languages to learn

If you have decided to delve into the world of programming and become a student in college or take an additional course, you may wonder which languages of programming you should pay attention to.

The IT world is developing constantly and companies identify a need everywhere. It might be a mobile app, it might be a game, it might be a website, or an IT product people need.

But to develop all these, you need to be committed, knowledgeable, and dedicated IT developers and QA testers to help you. And if your dream career is working in an organization that develops products that help the world evolve, then you need to know more about this.

Getting an IT education is challenging and being a student in university too, but if this is your passion, you will surely succeed.

So, what are the languages of programming to study in 2023? Is there any connection between studying math and programming? Is math helping you study programming more effectively? How to study math successfully? So many questions might flow through your mind, but you’ll find all the answers below.

1. Python

Python is one of the programming languages that has risen in popularity in the last couple of years. This makes it has been the most popular one in the last few years and it is expected that it will simply surge in popularity.

But why? Well, Python seems to be one of the most versatile languages of programming as it can be used in many cases. Most people think that you can use any programming language only to create mobile apps, websites, or games.

Well, the world is developing tremendously and many businesses identify the need for new products. For example, many tools can help marketers or recruiters automate some of their tasks. This helps them save a lot of time and focus on more urgent tasks.

And these tools are created with Python. But to study and understand Python, you need to have a good command of math. Plainmath is a website that helps you learn and understand math problems but also find any algebra solution you were looking for.

If you need help with algebra, this website can help you gain a deeper understanding of this field, as it is one of the pros of studying math by social media. Knowing math principles will help you learn not only Python but any programming language way easier. And you need to learn all the concepts logically so that you will be able to apply them efficiently.

2. JavaScript

JavaScript, just like Python, has grown in popularity in the last few years tremendously. It is one of the most lightweight programming languages that can be used to develop web applications.

As the internet and the behaviors of users online are changing constantly, so do businesses and organizations that are active in this field.

JavaScript is powerful and it helps developers build apps and products that run on the web seamlessly and are used by those in need. The best thing is that it works with any browser, which makes JavaScript one of the most reliable languages of programming when it comes to web development.

3. Java

Even though the popularity of Java has slipped in the past few years, it still is one of the most used languages of programming in 2023.

It is one of the most reliable ones when it comes to app development and it still is one of the most popular ones. With Java, you can develop apps that run on Android, but also business software or scientific-type apps.

The fact that Java created object-oriented programming makes it a standard for any app development. But what you should know is that Java is used in the back end of many popular apps or websites such as YouTube or Google.

So, even though its popularity is not as high as it once was, it will still remain one of the main languages of programming to study in 2023.

4. Go

You might not have heard as many things about Go as other programming languages, but you should know that it should be on your list.

Recent years have noticed an increase in the use of Go when it comes to web applications, even though it was created in 2007.

The fact that it has a simple IT infrastructure and it is easy to use has convinced many large companies to begin using it.

It is popular especially among data scientists, as it is an agile and performant programming language, but also among large companies like Twitch, Uber, or Dropbox.

Final Thoughts

If you are passionate about programming and your dream is to work in this field, then you are probably thinking about advancing and expanding your knowledge.

But what are the languages of programming you should focus on? Which are the ones that are surging in popularity and are the most used? Well, if you want to be successful and performant in programming in 2023, you should focus on learning Python, Java, Go, or JavaScript.

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