Fastest Languages to Learn Due to their Ease


Whether you’re interested to learn a new language of your proposed tourism destination or you’re only trying out a new thing? Look no further. This guide will tell you all you need to know about the easiest languages and their brief characteristics.

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Regardless of your intent to learn a language, mastering it in the fastest way and shortest time possible is ideal. In other to get this done, listen and join people who speak such language in a close conversation.

List of Fastest Languages to Learn

We have carefully handpicked the 6 easy languages that you can master in no time.

1. Norwegian

Our number 1 pick is the Norwegian language. It is one of the fragments of the native German language. The use of syntax and grammar structure is direct, and it shares common word order with Latin.

Let’s take, for instance, the statement “Hello, how are you?” is interpreted as ‘Hallo, Hvordan har dudet? In Norwegian’. Norwegian is majorly spoken in Norway.

2. Spanish

The 2nd on our list is the Spanish language which was originally coined from Latin. It is a common Romance language widely used globally. What makes Spanish a stress-free language is the interconnections it has between words.

For example, Bank represents Banco, Gas represents gas, distance represents Distancia, train represents tren, and so on. The pronunciation of words is partially direct. Most often, the word pronunciations tally with spellings.

3. Swedish

Another family member of the Germanic native language Swedish is yet another language you can master within a short period of time. The similarities it has in alphabet and words with the English language made it easy for beginners. For case in point, “Bus” relates to Bussen in Swedish.

4. Dutch

The number 4 in our pick is Dutch which is widely spoken in the Netherlands. We listed Dutch because of its simplicity and how easily you can comprehend its word vocabulary. A special feature of Dutch is the correlation it has between word spelling and pronunciation.

5. Portuguese

The official language of Portugal won fifth place on our list of fastest to learn languages. It is predominantly spoken in Portugal and Brazil.

As compared to Spanish, it has a large collection of word cognates which makes it easier and fast to learn. However, you need to be careful with certain word usage. For instance, saying ‘sim’ will relate to saying ‘yes’.

6. Indonesian

The Indonesian language made our list at the bottom. Its simplicity of word connections and Latin alphabet usage made it an easy language to learn.

Most Asian languages are extremely challenging to learn due to the unusual letters in their text structures. However, the Indonesian language has broken the jinx. Its word pronunciations tally with the spellings.

Which Languages are the Hardest To Learn?

Whereas some languages might be learned by dedicating a few study hours to books, some other languages require you to take a course to master alphabets, words, sounds, and pronunciations. Let’s discuss 3 of the hardest languages to learn.

1. Mandarin Chinese

It is more interesting to know that the toughest language to learn is also the most commonly spoken local language globally.

Mandarin Chinese is difficult because its alphabets are very hard to comprehend, especially for speakers of the English language. Aside from its system of writing, the way words are pronounced makes it even more difficult to learn.

2. Arabic

Our second pick on this heading is the Arabic language, which also makes the list of the top ten widely spoken languages in the world.

The Arabic language is vast and is in different forms depending on the country in question, but choosing a particular one to learn is just the beginning of a long journey.

One major feature of Arabic that makes it hard to learn is its alphabet and sounds which differs completely from other language character sets. Arabic is spoken in countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Morocco among others.

3. Ukrainian

The Ukrainian language is one of the few languages that use a Slavic alphabet system that comprises unusual letters. Even though some Slavic letters are common, they are mostly not pronounced in the same way as Latin alphabets.

Despite how difficult it is to learn the Ukrainian language; it is a global language that you should learn considering how its speakers are being sought after.

To conclude, exploring a new language can be tasking, but to speed up the learning process, you can create a bond with the natives of such languages, study language books, or browse websites that teach the basics and rudiments of that language.

If you experience a restriction when trying to access such websites, you can make use of a VPN app or download the VeePN add-on for your browser.

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