Grandma in French

For beginning French speakers, understanding how to refer to your grandparents in French is a crucial vocabulary lesson. The French tend to mention not just their immediate families, but also their extended families when describing themselves and their families. Consider using French terms such as ‘grammy’ or ‘nana’ in place of ‘grandma’ and ‘grandpa’.

Grandma in French: Grand-Mère

You want to learn different common words when learning a new language. For example, how to say grandma in different languages. For this article, let’s start with French.

Grannies are grand-mère by their grandkids in France. Essentially, it’s the same thing as grandmother in English. Different families use different terms. In addition to the more formal terms, there are also less formal ones, such as “la mémé” and “grand-mama.”

What the French Term for Grandpa Is?

In formal French, his name is Grand-père. Besides grand-papa, pépère and papi are also informal terms. In French, great-grandpa is arrere-grand-père. In French, is meme equivalent to grandma? The French-Canadian term for grandmother is mémé. A mémère is another term for a grandma in French-Canadian.

Mémère is sometimes as a derogatory term, like old lady. Are you curious what Pepe and Meme are? Many French-speaking children call their grandparents Pepe and Meme, for example in France, Switzerland, and Quebec. The term Pepe or Meme may also be affectionately to refer to old folks.

How Do You Pronounce Meme?

It is recommended that “meme” be pronounced “meem,” not “may may” or “mee mee.”  So, what makes someone a meme? Netizens probably thought using it as a meme would sound more expressive and international. Have a look at it for yourself. The word mémère is most commonly used in a positive context in French. The term is for families who have a grandmother who is aging or elderly.

She deserves this honor long overdue. Her children call her that. They admire and respect her for it. In that positive sense, it can be translate as “granny, grandmother, grandma, old dear.” Because grandmothers are so ingrain in French culture, the word has many translations: mémé (short for “grandmother”), grand-mère, grand-maman, mamie (sometimes used as “grandmother and grandfather).

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