Hi in French

Bonjour, Salut, and Bonsoir are the three most common phrases for hi in French. The language also has a lot of slang greetings such as “Coucou!” You’re going to love discovering how to say hi in French with these fun expressions.

Hi in French: Bonjour

French Word for Hi

The phrase means good morning and use in French as well. You should keep saying bonjour all day until sunset when you should start saying Bonsoir, the French equivalent of a good evening. In many ways we can express how to say hi in different languages. See the other French words for Hi in the below.

The Other French Word for Hi

An evening equivalent of bonjour is Bonsoir. This translates to “good evening”. Bonsoir is used for saying hi in French in the evening, so while you would use bonjour during the day, Bonsoir is used for saying hi in the evening or at night. Bonjour and Bonsoir aren’t used at the same time as “good evening”. 

Common Way to Say Hi in French

Coucou isn’t a very common way for a French person to introduce themselves. Most often, it’s use by children or in electronic communication. French greetings like this aren’t usually use in professional situations, so you wouldn’t find them in this setting.

This is a greeting that you’d use among friends and family members. You may come across the abbreviation Coucou in emails and texts since the word is common. Typically, people use cc to communicate in texts, so if you hear someone use this when they are texting you, it is probably what they are saying.

The way you behave is far more important than what you say! In French and many other countries, you can kiss someone on the cheeks by saying Faire la bise, or kiss them on the cheeks. Depending on the region, cheek-kissing has different customs. In many places, this happens between two women or between women and men.

As well as between two male acquaintances, it has also happened. Depending on where you are, you might only kiss the other person on one cheek; in other places, you may kiss them on both cheeks, or even four times! 

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