How to Say Good Luck in Different Languages

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Good Luck in Different Languages: Good luck can refer to: luck or fortune that is good or appealing. Some charms are believed to be a symbol of good luck. The Elephants are an image of well being, all the best, life span, love, riches, and ethicalness. In certain societies Elephant dolls are put on racks and by entryways to guarantee life span and karma. The Ganesha, otherwise called Ganapati and Vinayaka, is a Hindu God of Luck.

How to Say Good Luck in 88 Different Languages

Different LanguagesWord Good Luck
AlbanianPaç fat
BasqueZorte on
CatalanBona sort
CzechHodně štěstí
DanishHeld og lykke
FrenchBonne chance
Galicianboa sorte
GermanViel Glück
GreekΚαλή τύχη (Kalí týchi)
HungarianSok szerencsét
IcelandicGangi þér vel
IrishÁdh mór
ItalianIn bocca al lupo
MacedonianСо среќа
MalteseIx-xorti t-tajba
NorwegianLykke til
PortugueseBoa sorte
RomanianMult noroc
RussianУдачи (Udachi)
SerbianСрећно (Srechno)
SlovakVeľa štastia
SlovenianVso srečo
SpanishBuena suerte
SwedishLycka till
UkrainianУдачі (Udachi)
WelshPob lwc
Yiddishזאָל זייַנ מיט מאַזל
Bengaliগুড লাক
Chinese Simplified祝你好运 (zhù nǐ hǎo yùn)
Chinese Traditional祝你好運 (zhù nǐ hǎoyùn)
Gujaratiસારા નસીબ
Hmonghmoov zoo
KazakhІске сәт
Korean행운을 빕니다 (haeng-un-eul bibnida)
MongolianАмжилт хүсье
Myanmar (Burmese)ကံကောင်းပါစေ
Nepaliभाग्यले साथ दिओस्
TajikБарори кор
Tamilநல்ல அதிர்ஷ்டம்
Teluguగుడ్ లక్
Turkishİyi şanslar
Urduاچھی قسمت
VietnameseChúc may mắn
Arabicحظا طيبا وفقك الله (hza tayibana wafaqak allah)
Persianموفق باشید
ChichewaZabwino zonse
IgboJisie ike
SomaliNasiib wacan
SwahiliBahati njema
YorubaOrire daada
ZuluNgikufisela inhlanhla
CebuanoMaayong luck
Filipinogood luck
IndonesianSemoga berhasil
JavaneseGood luck
MalagasyMirary anao ho tsara vintana
MalaySemoga berjaya
MaoriNgā manaakitanga pai
Haitian CreoleBon chans

With his numerous arms and elephant head, he is broadly loved as the remover of hurdles and manager of keenness and astuteness.

Pigs – Both Chinese and European societies accept that Pig Charms have the ability to bring good karma. Pigs are an image of riches, favourable luck, and success! Horseshoes – Horseshoes symbolize good karma, control over detestable, favourable luck and richness.

The horseshoe is frequently connected with the pony’s quality and steadfastness.

Numerous individuals trust it is ideal to balance a horseshoe with the open end confronting upward – so your good karma won’t drop out! Ladybugs – Ladybugs are a well-known bug around the world. In Germany ladybugs are actually called fortunate bugs.

A few societies accept that if a ladybug arrives on you and you don’t forget about it you will be fortunate. Furthermore, a few ladybugs are more fortunate than others!

You will be extra fortunate on the off chance that you recognize a dark red ladybug with heaps of spots. Meteorite – A falling, or Shooting Star allows the individual fortunate enough to see it a mystery wish! A meteorite implies that you get an opportunity to make the entirety you had always wanted worked out as expected.

Dolphins – Dolphins are viewed as fortunate in the Ancient Culture of Greece, Egypt and Rome.

Old Sailors adrift saw the locating of a Dolphin as a sign that land was close. This rabbit’s foot would be immaculate to guard somebody who cherishes the ocean.

Keys – A key is one of the most significant images of karma and probably the most seasoned appeal. A key that is given between sweethearts in thought about an image of opening the entryway to the heart.

The word good luck in different languages has many names. Used for best wishes to someone.

You can say good luck in different ways. The supplier of the key will be “fortunate in affection”. The Ancient Greeks and Romans accepted keys spoke to the “Key of Life” which held the ability to open the ways to send petitions to arrive at the divine beings.

Good luck is also used as a wish to say someone when they are going to do something.


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