How to Say Sister in Different Languages


Sister in Different Languages: A sister is a woman or child with one or more kin. A brother is a male counterpart. While the word applies generally to a friendship between a family, it is sometimes used to apply closely to non-family relations. A sister is someone that shares both or a single parent with you. A stepsister may not share any. Sisters are very close to each other and have strong bonding.

How to Say Sister in 88 Different Languages

Different LanguagesWord Sister
Albanianmotra ime
Basquenire arreba
Belarusianмая сястра
Bosnianmoja sestra
Bulgarianмоята сестра
Catalanla meva germana
Croatianmoja sestra
Czechmá sestra
Danishmin søster
Dutchmijn zus
Estonianmu õde
Frenchma sœur
Galiciana miña irmá
Germanmeine Schwester
Greekη αδερφή μου
Hungariannővérem, húgom
Icelandicsystir mín
Irishmo dheirfiúr
Italianmia sorella
Latvianmana māsa
LithuanianMano sesuo
Macedonianмојата сестра
Norwegiansøsteren min
Polishmoja siostra
PortugueseMinha irmã
Romaniansora mea
Russianмоя сестра
Serbianмоја сестра
Slovakmoja sestra
Slovenianmoja sestra
Spanishmi hermana
Swedishmin syster
Ukrainianмоя сестра
Welshfy chwaer
Yiddishמיין שוועסטער
ArmenianԻմ քույրը
Azerbaijanimənim bacım
Bengaliআমার বোন
Chinese Simplified我的姐姐
Chinese Traditional我的姐姐
Georgianჩემი და
Gujaratiમારી બહેન
Hindiमेरी बहन
Hmongkuv tus muam
Kannadaನನ್ನ ತಂಗಿ
Kazakhменің әпкем
Korean내 동생
Malayalamഎന്റെ സഹോദരി
Marathiमाझी बहिण
MongolianМиний эгч
Myanmar (Burmese)ငါ့နှမ
Nepaliमेरी बहिनी
Sinhalaමගේ නංගී
Tajikхоҳари ман
Tamilஎன் சகோதரி
Teluguన చెల్లి
Turkishkız kardeşim
Urduمیری بہن
Uzbekmening singlim
Vietnamesechị tôi
Persianخواهر من
Afrikaansmy suster
Chichewamchemwali wanga
Igbonwanne m nwanyị
Sesothoausi oa ka
Swahilidada yangu
Yorubaarabinrin mi
Cebuanoakong igsoong babaye
Filipinoaking kapatid na babae
Indonesiansaudara perempanku
Malaykakak saya
Maoritoku tuahine
Esperantomia fratino
Haitian Creolesè mwen
LatinSoror mea

Their love is un-matchable. No matter how many times a day they fight over sharing clothes or stuff they are still the backbone of each other. Various studies have demonstrated that an Elder Sister may give its younger siblings a different gender role and is also more likely to develop close relationships with her younger siblings.

Older sisters play alongside their younger siblings more often. Younger siblings are more in need if they are around their older sister and more prone to accept the bad behaviour of an older sister.

Although it might be tough, your little sister always deserves to be treated nice. It may not seem to you right now, but your friendship with her is one of your life’s most significant ties. Try to be her buddy first and speak a lot to her and treat her respectfully.

wherever you can, spend quality time with her. You can help her with schoolwork and take her to the park. When you begin arguing, look for a way to put an end to the argument by remaining calm and compromise.

You can always trust your sister in life, and she will always be there to listen to your silliest stories and help you with every matter. Your sister knows you the most, believe it or not. You have your best childhood memories with her and she’s the reason you were not scolded by parents for creating mess. Sisters are valuable gift from God.


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