No in French

When it comes to French, I think telling someone no couldn’t be simpler than just saying “non”, right? The French word for no is just as complex as it is in Spanish, Italian, German, and Japanese. Besides “non” in French, there are dozens of ways to say “no” to negate a question, a sentence, or a phrase!

No in French: Non

I get it if you’re not familiar with French. But you’re going to a French-speaking country and trying to learn some of the languages. It is common for travelers to wonder how to say no in French and what the French word for no is before traveling to France or similar destinations.


When a person says “no” in French the classic and most standard way to say it is to say “non.” You will hear the word both before sentences that have been negated as well as on their own. If you close your lips at the end of the word, then pronounce the syllables as follows: N-OH-N

French for nope – Nan

Saying no in different languages is very common but it is typically the younger generations in France who use this word, similar to French slang. People often notice it in verbal conversations, but they might also notice it in texting conversations. If you want to pronounce these words with an “ah” sound, you can add a soft “n” at the end of the word: N-A-H

Jamais means never

Whenever the word never appears in a sentence, the word jamais is used in French.

Pas maintenant – Not Now

When a person asks you to do something or attempts to communicate with you. But, you do not have the time or cannot respond immediately to their request. just say Pas maintenant 

Pas tout à fait means Not Exactly

It is acceptable to say Pas tout à fait if you disagree with the way someone describes or does something.

aucune chance meand No, Not a Chance

If someone asks you to perform a particular task or when something happens to which you are not accustom. You can simply say this.

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