Ways to Say Thank You for Letting Me Know


You may notice that sometimes just saying the mainstream phrase “Thank you for letting me know” doesn’t leave an impact on other people the way you mean to. It sounds as if you are saying it for the sake of it and are not at all sincere. So, we have gathered a few creative ways for you to sound sincere when someone gives a piece of information.

25 Ways to Say Thanks for Letting Me Know

Here are the potential ways to take into consideration:

  1. Thank you for the effort you made for me.
  2. Thanks for updating me.
  3. Thank you for keeping me in the loop.
  4. Thank you for the heads up.
  5. Your effort to keep me in the loop has not gone unnoticed. I appreciate it.
  6. Thank you for coming to me at the right time. I wouldn’t have done it without hearing your take on this.
  7. Thank you for considering me important enough to pass that information to me. It means a lot.
  8. It’s so heartwarming to see how you go out of your way to keep everyone on the same page. Thank you for that.
  9. Thank you for always being clear with me on every matter at hand.
  10. Your ability to effectively deliver a certain piece of information is praiseworthy.
  11. Thank you for communicating that to me.
  12. It’s because of you that I am so well informed about the matter without being physically present there.
  13. Thank you for notifying me on time. It means a lot.
  14. It is such a relief to be aware of the things you just told me. I’m thankful to you.
  15. Thank you for always giving timely updates, it means a lot to me.
  16. I appreciate the gesture of being so thoughtful and keeping everyone informed. Thank you for that, the world needs more people like you.
  17. Your pure intent behind communicating the latest information is what’s so rare in today’s world. So, thank you.
  18. Thank you for always being so transparent with me.
  19. I appreciate your motive behind keeping everyone updated. It’s because of you that our work environment has become so healthy recently.
  20. Thanks for the reminder. Nothing’s stressful when you are around.
  21. Love how professional you are when it comes to delivering important pieces of information.
  22. The sense of collaboration that you have is what binds our team together. Thank you for always giving timely reminders and important news. Nothing you do goes unnoticed.
  23. Your timely updates have allowed me to make better and more informed decisions. All credit goes to you.
  24. Thank you for having such a positive mindset and being so clear with me on everything.
  25. Just to let you know your messages not only convey the crucial information, but also your utter determination and devotion to the people around you.
  26. Thank you for bringing this to me directly.
  27. Thanks for the information.
  28. Thanks for passing that piece of information along.
  29. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. Much appreciated.
  30. Thank you for letting me know beforehand. I’m grateful to you.

How to Professionally Say “Thank You for Letting Me Know?”

Here are some professional ways to say, “Thank you for letting me know.”

  • Thank you for updating me on this.
  • Thanks for coming to me with this information. I appreciate it.
  • Thank you so much for informing me.

Is It Correct to Use the Phrase “Thank You for Letting Me Know”?

Yes! It is grammatically correct to use this phrase in informal or semi-formal settings when someone tells you something that you were not previously aware of.

What Does “Thanks for Letting Me Know” Mean?

This phrase means that you fully acknowledge and appreciate the update that is given to you. It also means that you have found the information useful and therefore, thanking the person for that matter.

Wrapping Up

The phrase “Thank you for letting me know” is a correct phrase and is used in both formal and informal communication. However, it may sound boring because of the excessive use of the same old phrase time and over again. These mentioned ways will help you to experiment with more ways to thank someone without sounding dull.

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