Goodbye in German

It can be hard to say goodbye, and it can be even harder if you do not know how to say it to a German native speaker. The act of just walking away without saying goodbye is rude. This is not only true in Germany but the world over as well.

Goodbye in German: Auf Wiedersehen

Tschüss (also Tschüs)

Saying goodbye simply isn’t possible without this gesture. This is a common phrase among friends and colleagues that conveys a good mood. The word Tschüss in German is also equivalent to the words Danke für die tolle Zeit.


Tschau instead of Tschüss to add some Italian flair to it! It is the German rendition of Ciao, the Italian word for hello. Not only is it friendly, but it is also a warm way to part ways, demonstrating a strong sense of togetherness and companionship.


If you don’t want to sound average, you could use this version of Tschüss. After a party or after leaving a friend’s house, friends use it to say goodbye.


Austria or southern Germany use this expression as a common expression, such as Bayern (Bavaria), which is a federal state of Germany. We like using it casually to say goodbye, especially after an enjoyable evening. We can have it translated at your service. In addition, it is sometimes used as a way to say good morning. You can use Servus to say hello in German.

Bis dann!

When it is uncertain when you will meet again, we use this form of farewell. Usually, it is used to refer to friends who you meet regularly and not to someone you haven’t seen in a long time and don’t expect to see anytime soon.

Bis denn!

It comes from bis dann, but also means nice to see you later. The twist just makes it a little bit more stylish. Nonetheless, do not confuse denn with dann.

Bis später!

People tend to say goodbye in different languages all over the world. What is there not to like about saying goodbye? Although bis später means until later (until we meet again), it sounds quite serious and somewhat sad when translated into English. Ignore the English translation for a moment and just think of it as a simple goodbye.

Bis bald!

There are many variations of this phrase. Germany is one of the few countries where you will hear this phrase even more often than the phrase ‘excuse me. Both phrases mean goodbye.

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