Mom in French

Our mother is usually referred to as mom in English, which is less formal than the word mother. Similarly, in French, mom is spelled differently than mother. Let’s evaluate the differences between these words in French. French has the word “maman” for mom. You pronounce this as “mamahn”.

Mom in French: maman

Other French word for mother is mammier, which is a way to refer to your mother in conversation, much like the English word ‘mom. You would refer to your mother as ma mère (‘my mother’) when speaking about her. ‘Mare’ is the pronunciation of the word ‘mère.

It is true that there is only one mother in the world, but there are a million different ways of saying “Mom.”.

Other Scenario

‘Mom’ in French is called “maman,” pronounced mam-ONE. The correct word to use would, however, be “mère” instead of “mother”. When you’re telling your friend that your mother wants you to come home, but you’re not going, it’s probably better to say “mère” than “mama.”

Mother in French: 5 Ways to Say It

The French language uses several words to describe Mother. Below are some of them. However some words for mom in other languages have resemblance. It means many words use for mom are used as it is in many languages. One of them is mama.


Maman is another word for mom (although nowadays it is not very common to refer to your mom as “mère”)

une maman

To say mother informal way, you can say une maman

 une mère

The word une mère is used to say mother in French in a more formal way

une daronne

In modern French Slag you will use “une daronne” but it’s not recommended, it’s pejorative.

une belle-mère

Both the mother-in-law and the stepmother should be addressed as “une belle-mère”

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