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What is the Italian word for mom? A mother is regarded worldwide as the heart and soul of an Italian family. She is seen as the keeper of the Italian home and keeper of family recipes. Despite Italy’s constant modernization and change. The love for Italian mamma hasn’t changed: everyone loves them.

Mom in Italian: Mamma

We’ll teach you how to pronounce and use Mom in Italian in this article. Additionally, you’ll learn more about Italian words and expressions related to mamma, or mother. There is information about Mother’s Day, also known as La Festa della Mamma. We can also help you describe your mom in Italian or write a card to her. The Italian song Mamma is also well-loved for Mother’s Day.

Ways to Say

In Italian, mamma means mother, motherhood, mother, mother, mummy, and mama. Moms are pluralized as mamme (moms). The first word an Italian child learns is mamma. However, Italians use this word all their lives, not just as children. MAH-mah is the pronunciation of mamma


Especially affectionately, Italians call their mother mommina. Mah-MEE-nah is the pronunciation of mammina


The Italian word ma’ means mom. You will find ‘ma” used commonly when finding 100 ways to say mom. In these 100 ways, ma is used in many languages. It is an abbreviation of mamma (and less common). The pronunciation of ma’ is: MAH


It means mother in Italian. The pronunciation of madre is: MAH-dray. When you describe your mom, or speak about her in the third person, you have a choice: you can say either la mia mamma or mia mamma (my mom) when speaking to someone in a casual way, or mia madre (my mother) which is more formal.

Mamma mia is probably one of Italy’s most famous expressions. It means “my goodness! (The direct translation is my mom!). It can have a positive or negative connotation.

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