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Our mothers are the women we owe not only our lives but also our admiration. Our parents have raised us and protected us throughout our lives. There’s a good reason why Latin Americans refer to their mothers many different ways in Spanish.

Mom in Spanish: Mamá

Latinos are known for being warm and friendly; we easily make friends and love our blood relatives to the bone. There will be a couple of expressions in this article that you are probably familiar with, and some that you have most likely never heard before. You can say Mom in 5 different ways in Spanish.


When Spanish speakers address their birth-givers, this is the most common and formal word they use. In Latin America, it was more common in the past couple of decades to hear this phrase used in very formal settings. There was a time when calling your mother “Mamá” instead of “Mom” was considered disrespectful; however, it has become more acceptable over time.


As a high school student, you probably learned this word during Spanish class. It is simple and popular. In Spanish, the word “Mamá” is used to refer to your mother.


It must have happened more often than my mother would like to think that I uttered this sound when I was a kid. Latin Americans would have called for their “Mami” whenever they got scared or couldn’t get down a tree they climbed if they had been born there. “Mami” and “Mommy” sound the same; they even look the same!

This word is used commonly for mother in different languages. Did you ever feel so tired and slothful that you couldn’t even speak? That’s certainly the case for us Latin Americans! Thus, “Má” exists.

Many Spanish-speaking countries use this word instead of “Madre”, since it is less formal. The only time you should use “Má” to refer to your Mom in Spanish is when you are speaking directly with her, not when referring to her in general.


A diminutive form of the name “Mami” is “Mamita”, also known as “Mamacita”. However, “mamacita” is also used to describe a beautiful woman, in a different context. Since motherhood is so special to us, it makes sense that a lot of the words on this list are terms of endearment. In Latin America, we are very family oriented, which means we are always searching for creative ways to call our mom.

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