25 Ways to Say Thank You for Your Kind Words

No matter how gen-z we become, words will always remain powerful. The impact that words leave on a person is something that can’t be achieved in other ways.

However, in a fast-paced world like today, where everything is becoming digitalized, words are something that hasn’t lost their significance yet.

We often find ourselves confused or rather mesmerized whenever someone says something kind to us. Such a reaction is the result of not believing enough in oneself to receive kind words.

As a result, people are often found negating compliments instead of receiving them gracefully. In order for you not to be one of those people, we have arranged a blog post that will let you know about the decent ways of replying to kind words.

25 Ways to Say “Thank Your for Your Kind Words”

  1. Thank you so much for being with me when I was no longer with myself. I was falling into such a dark place in my mind that your words have really brought me out of that, and I’ll forever be grateful to you for that.
  2. These are the words that I didn’t know I needed to hear so badly. Thank you for saying them to me.
  3. You have always been there for me, and I’m forever grateful to you and will always be indebted to you for such kind words.
  4. You don’t know how much of a difference your words made in my life. You’re truly a ray of hope!
  5. Your thoughtful words have really left an everlasting impact on me; bless you!
  6. I didn’t know words could lift spirits too. Thank you for your words; I need to hear that so badly.
  7. Thank you for reminding me who I truly am. I had long forgotten it.
  8. Your words reminded me that good people are still left in this world.
  9. I’m blessed beyond measure to have such a constant support system in my life.
  10. I’ll always be indebted to you for bringing a smile to my face. Thank you so much.
  11. Your words are too good to be true; they have truly touched my soul.
  12. Your encouraging words always have a way of turning my bad days into good ones. Thank you!
  13. Your generous words literally felt like a soothing balm on my heart. Thank you for existing.
  14. Your genuine words touch me. Thank you so much!
  15. I can’t find the right words to describe how you have made me feel. Your unending support will always be appreciated. Thank you for being you.
  16. Thank you for encouraging me.
  17. You don’t even realize how good you are with your words. Thank you for being one of the good ones.
  18. People like you make this world a better place to love. Much obliged.
  19. That’s so nice of you to say.
  20. I’m glad you said that to me.
  21. I’m grateful for such appreciative sentiments that you have conveyed to me. Thanks a lot!
  22. Thank you for your words that have made me truly happy.
  23. Your words have lifted my spirits.
  24. You’ve my thanks for such lovely words.
  25. I’ll never forget how your words brought a smile to my face. Thanks a million.

Is It Correct to Say “Thank You for Your Kind Words?”

Yes! The phrase itself is grammatically correct and can be used in formal and informal settings. So, feel free to use the phrase whenever you want to thank someone for something good they have said to you.

Before we jump onto that, here are a few bonus tips to keep in mind whenever someone says something nice to you, and you find yourself short of the suitable words to say to them in return.

Acknowledge the compliment

It is important to accept and acknowledge whatever good has been said to you. Responding comes way after that. The first step is to listen to it and acknowledge it. Be sincere while you are accepting the compliment. Be humble while expressing gratitude. One way of doing so is by saying: Your words have turned my bad day into a really good one,” or “Your kind words deeply touch me.”

While saying these words, make sure you keep a soft smile on your face to show that you mean what you say. This will show the impact of their kind words on you.

Don’t forget to return the kind words

It’s always nice to say good things in return. Remember that compliments don’t always have to be about looks.

You can return the compliment by praising any of their good habits or just saying something nice if you can’t find a suitable compliment. You could say:

“Such support coming from someone as great as you mean the world to me.”


Replying to kind words differs in formal and informal settings. Also, the relationship you have with the person matters a lot. So be careful whenever you come across kind words.

Remember to always be nicer in return and be positive throughout the process. Also, if you would like to stick to the original phrase “Thank you for your kind words” instead of the ideas given above, that’s totally fine, too, because, in some situations, you want to be as direct as possible.

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