How to Celebrate a Foreign Language Majors Graduation

Graduating as a foreign language major is both an exciting and monumental achievement. And with such a unique accomplishment, it’s only fitting that celebrations should be equally remarkable. Dive in as we explore how you can make your graduate’s celebration unforgettable.

10 Ways to Celebrate a Foreign Language Major’s Graduation

From hosting themed parties to planning future trips together, there are countless ways to commemorate this incredible milestone. Here are 10 we thought your graduate would enjoy.

1. Gift a Book in Their Language

A thoughtful and meaningful gift for a graduate is a book written in the language they’ve spent years learning. Whether it’s a novel, non-fiction, or even a collection of poems, this present will be a testament to their accomplishment while providing an enjoyable reading experience.

They can take pleasure in being able to appreciate every word without needing translations. This reinforces their expertise in their chosen language and shows them how proud you are of them.

2. Host a Themed Party

A fun and immersive way to celebrate a foreign language major graduate’s big achievement is by throwing a themed party. Let them experience their favorite culture by incorporating traditional elements, like food, music, and other things from the country where their language originates.

You can even suggest that guests wear themed attire (be mindful of cultural appropriation) or try out some basic phrases in the language to enhance the overall atmosphere of the party.

3. Create a Group Graduation Video

Add an extra special touch to your foreign language major’s graduation celebration by creating a group video filled with unique congratulatory messages. Invite friends and family members to record themselves expressing their well-wishes in the foreign language that they studied.

Once you decide to create a group graduation video, make sure you demonstrate your love for the graduate and highlight their accomplishments. Use a script if you’re camera-shy.

4. Cook a Meal From the Country of Study

A delicious and meaningful way to applaud your foreign language graduate’s hard work is by cooking a meal inspired by the culture they’ve been studying. Get together with your loved ones and explore traditional recipes from the country where their chosen language is spoken.

Make it a fun, collaborative experience by working as a team in the kitchen. Sharing this delightful culinary adventure allows everyone to connect and appreciate various delectable flavors.

5. Plan a Future Trip Together

Mark your foreign language major’s special day by planning an unforgettable adventure to visit the places where their chosen language is spoken. As you discuss all the exciting destinations and attractions, anticipation will grow for this trip that highlights their hard-earned expertise.

Don’t worry if you don’t have an exact date yet. The joy of having something to look forward to in the future will make their graduation even more memorable and special for the both of you.

6. Write Personalized Cards in Their Language

Another heartfelt way to celebrate your foreign language graduation is by crafting personalized cards or notes, expressing congratulations and appreciation using the language they’ve spent years learning. Even if your grammar or spelling is off, they appreciate that you did your best.

This thoughtful gesture will not only demonstrate your support but also creates a sense of accomplishment in the graduate as they read those meaningful words penned carefully by you.

7. Curate a Playlist of Songs in Their Foreign Language

Enhance your graduation festivities by curating a playlist featuring an eclectic blend of songs in the language they’ve studied. You can include both their favorites and new tunes, showcasing the culture and music they adore. Play it at the celebration or share it with them via Spotify.

This personalized soundtrack will provide enjoyment and entertainment for your graduate and serve as a reminder of their dedication to learning a new language and embracing its culture.

8. Create Memory Scrapbooks About Their Journey

To commemorate the dedication and hard work the graduate has put into their studies, consider creating a memory scrapbook that details their journey. Gather memorabilia such as photos, ticket stubs, class notes, or any other keepsakes that represent their individual experiences.

Craft this labor of love with personalized touches and heartwarming details that celebrate all those unforgettable moments. This would be a great gift if they ever studied abroad.

9. Decorate with International Flair

Add a splash of cultural charm to your favorite graduate’s celebration by decorating your party space or home with an international touch. Incorporate elements such as flags, maps, posters, or any other symbols that represent the country where their chosen language is spoken.

This lively international and cultural decor will create a vibrant atmosphere and showcase the graduate’s passion for embracing diverse cultures and learning new languages.

10. Spread Awareness About Learning Foreign Languages

While celebrating your beloved foreign language major’s accomplishments, take a moment to inspire others to delve into different languages and cultures. Share stories about the exciting benefits and life-changing experiences that came with learning a new language with others.

By spreading awareness about the importance of linguistic diversity, you encourage others to do the same. This shows that you support your graduate’s choice to get their language degree.

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