How to Say Good Morning in Different Languages


Good Morning in Different Languages: There are around 6000 languages in this world. You cannot learn every language but certainly learn to greet each other in few ways and say Good Morning. There are many kinds of phrases to say good morning in different languages. No matter where you go people greet each other with a good morning.

How to Say Good Morning in 88 Different Languages

Different LanguagesWord Good Morning
BasqueEgun on
BelarusianДобрай раніцы
BosnianDobro jutro
BulgarianДобро утро
CatalanBon dia
CroatianDobro jutro
CzechDobré ráno
DanishGod morgen
EstonianTere hommikust
FinnishHyvää huomenta
GalicianBos días
GermanGuten Morgen
GreekΚαλημέρα (Kaliméra)
HungarianJó reggelt
IcelandicGóðan daginn
IrishMaidin mhaith
LithuanianLabas rytas
MacedonianДобро утро
NorwegianGod morgen
PolishDzień dobry
PortugueseBom Dia
RomanianBuna dimineata
RussianДоброе утро (Dobroye utro)
SerbianДобро јутро (Dobro jutro)
SlovakDobré ráno
SlovenianDobro jutro
SpanishBuenos días
SwedishGod morgon
UkrainianДоброго ранку (Dobroho ranku)
Welshbore da
Yiddishגוט מארגן
ArmenianԲարի առավոտ
AzerbaijaniSabahınız xeyir
Chinese Simplified早上好 (zǎoshang hǎo)
Chinese Traditional早上好 (zǎoshang hǎo)
Georgianდილა მშვიდობისა
Hindiशुभ प्रभात
HmongZoo thaum sawv ntxov
KazakhҚайырлы таң
Korean좋은 아침 (joh-eun achim)
Marathiशुभ प्रभात
Mongolianөглөөний мэнд
Myanmar (Burmese)မင်္ဂလာနံနက်ခင်းပါ
Nepaliशुभ - प्रभात
Sinhalaසුභ උදෑසනක්
TajikСубҳ ба хайр
Tamilகாலை வணக்கம்
Urduصبح بخیر
UzbekXayrli tong
VietnameseChào buổi sáng
Arabicصباح الخير (sabah alkhyr)
Hebrewבוקר טוב
Persianصبح بخیر
AfrikaansGoeie more
ChichewaM'mawa wabwino
HausaBarka da safiya
IgboỤtụtụ ọma
SomaliSubax wanaagsan
SwahiliHabari za asubuhi
YorubaE kaaro
CebuanoMaayong buntag
FilipinoMagandang umaga
IndonesianSelamat pagi
JavaneseSugeng enjang
MalaySelamat Pagi
Maoriata pai
EsperantoBonan matenon
Haitian CreoleBonjou
LatinBonum mane

The phrases may differ from place to place but still it is the most important one. The best way of saying “good morning” is through contact with the eyes and smiling. Smiles are contagious. It’s nearly impossible to smile and not getting it in return. You could say “good morning” in offices 20 times from your car to your building.

Greeting each other in the morning is more than a graceful form of manners. Speaking to others in the morning has many positive results. This brings us together with other people. This is important because we are social entities that thrive in positive relations with other human beings.

It’s perfect for us. If another person smiles at us, good hormones are released. When others understand that we exist, our self-esteem is massaged. If only for a moment, it takes our minds off our problems. Connect with the eye, smile and say “good morning” cause us to concentrate on something else than what makes us sorrowful, angry or irritated. It is a relaxing, productive way to begin the day.

Your simple Good morning leaves a good impression of you on others. It is a profound way of making strong connections with people.

Besides saying, it is not pointless to send a good morning text to someone you love. Therefore, when you wish them all the best of the day you would often say that you think of them when you wake up in the morning. Saying good morning to a person is way of showing appreciation. It is like making someone feel special and appreciate them for little things.

It also shows your etiquette. Be nice to everybody, fresh start each day and be motivated.

“Little deeds of kindness, little words of love, make our earth an Eden like the one above”

Julia. F Carney

Learning a new language is never boring, in fact , it is the sweetest way to connect with the locals.


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